The 3 steps law firms should take to stay secure using Microsoft 365

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Let's get right to it, keeping a law firm safe from cybercriminals is an ongoing battle

With the UK legal services market valued at almost £37bn in 2020, coupled with the highly sensitive data held digitally by law firms, it’s hardly surprising they make ideal targets for cybercriminals. 

For many firms, finding the starting point can be a real challenge and the easy fix might seem like throwing money and new software at it. Yet the solution can be found by leveraging tools that most law firms are already paying for, buried in their Microsoft 365 subscriptions. 

In this webinar, we explain the practical steps law firms must take to stay secure using Microsoft 365. Chris Morris, Head of Pre-sales at Oosha, has been guiding businesses through this framework that anyone can follow. He specifically breaks down the framework into three steps.


  • Improved security posture
  • Identity protection
  • Identity governance

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