Guest Webinar: Law firm tech strategy - what now, what next? 

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The legal landscape is shifting dramatically, and many law firms are now questioning their pre-pandemic business and technology strategies.

With the short-term need to adapt to new ways of working and deal with economic uncertainty, business priorities and tech projects have had to change. But looking further ahead, what does this mean for those planned innovation and improvement projects?

The focus of this guest webinar is to explore how law firms can revise current strategies and reimagine their future. This expert panel session features Sarah Blair, Director of IT, Thorntons Law LLP and Derek Southall, CEO of Hyperscale.

The panel discuss:

  • How to get the most out of data to inform strategy decisions

  • What's next for legal innovation and digital transformation

  • How to build a tech platform for a digital future

  • Planning and investing over the next 12 months and beyond

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About the Speakers

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Sarah Blair

Director of IT, Thorntons Law LLP

Sarah has over 15 years experience in IT and has spent much of her time leading and transforming Thorntons Law's IT capabilities.

Sarah specialises in developing and implementing IT strategies. She has a passion for business-led innovation, encouraging understanding, adoption and exploration of new technologies, but always with a focus on the problem that needs to be solved.

During her time at Thorntons, Sarah has spearheaded a number of major change management campaigns to encourage adoption of new technology - seeing IT as an enabler and only bringing value when it enables people to work better.

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Derek Southall

CEO of Hyperscale

Founder and CEO of Hyperscale Group Limited, Derek Southall has spent nearly 25 years in a range of leading strategic roles for a top 50 global law firm, for most of this time as a Partner and Head of Strategic Development and subsequently as Head of Digital and Innovation.

Two years ago, Derek set up, an advisory business helping clients develop strategies for and overcome challenges with technology, digital, knowledge management and innovation. Hyperscale Group works for a range of large global businesses, legal and compliance departments, professional services firms, venture capitalists, litigation funders and start ups in a range of jurisdictions around the globe.