Expert Webinar: How law firms can sell their way to recovery

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Live Panel - with Lara Squires, Legal Marketing Expert, and Alex Mackie, Commercial Director at Tozers

The pandemic has slowed demand for legal services. But as the wheels of the economy begin to turn again, many law firms have recognised the need to take business development more seriously.

Despite a common, and often deep-rooted reluctance to appear too “salesy”, the law firms that embrace business development in the wake of the pandemic, will be those that are better placed to recover, and thrive, in the years to come.

So, in this expert panel webinar, we were joined by two of the sharpest minds in law firm business development - Alex Mackie, Commercial Director at Tozers, and Legal Marketing Expert, Lara Squires.

We explore the key factors to successful business development in law firms - from strategy, to process, to technology, and much more. Specifically, we discuss:

  • Common barriers to effective business development in law firms

  • The impact of the pandemic: Why now isn’t the time to stay quiet

  • The 5 key factors to successful business development programmes

  • A roadmap for getting started on your bus-dev journey

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About the Speakers

Lara Squires (circle)

Lara Squires

Legal Marketing Expert

Lara Squires spent 12 years at Mayo Wynne Baxter LLP as the Marketing and Business Development Manager, giving her a vast understanding of the field. 

She then spent 2 years as chair of The Chartered Institute of Marketing, where she focussed on the institute's external relationships.

For the past 8 years, she has been the Director of Consortium Business Solutions, a specialist marketing and business development consultancy working in the professional services sector. 

Lara's experiences position her comfortably as an expert in marketing and business development, especially in regards to legal firms.

Alex Mackie (circle)

Alex Mackie

Commercial Director at Tozers

After spending 2 years as the Business Development Director of Mid-Markets at Lloyds Banking Group, Alex Mackie is now the Commercial Director of Tozers Solicitors LLP. In this role, he holds an overall responsibility for the firm's marketing and communications plans.

Prior to working at Lloyds, he gained experience in a number of sectors including Legal, Banking, Travel and Public Sector.

He is experienced in relationship management, team leadership, change delivery, operational and performance management, and coaching and development.