On-demand Webinar: How legal and accounting firms can get more from their data

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Low levels of data literacy are holding teams back and stalling transformation initiatives in accounting and legal firms.

Data analytics enable you to identify inefficient processes, better balance your resources, set more favourable pricing and maximise profits. Yet the ability to access, aggregate, analyse and interpret information is still a struggle for many firms - leading to a widespread lack of confidence in their data.

In this webinar, Oosha's Craig Taylor hosts Barry Talbot from Qlickit, an advocate for data literacy in accounting and legal firms. Barry explains applicable ways in which data can be utilised, to ensure consistent growth and transformation in these times of uncertainty.

Specifically, Barry explores:

  • Why data is such an important and accessible tool to use

  • How to become data literate

  • How data can be used to overcome challenges which face businesses

  • The different data 'personalities'

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About the Speakers

Barry Talbot

Sales Executive, QlickiT

Barry works with Catalyst BI, a Qlick Elite Partner which helps bring people and data together. He left his career in finance when he realised he could no longer be effective because they did not have the right data to make a significant difference, and so he became an enabler.

Barry assists companies across sectors so leverage the data they have, to provide valuable insights which assist important decisions they make. 

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