Digital Transformation - What mid-size firms can learn from the top performers

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Live Panel Webinar - with Lauren Riley, CEO of The Link App and Jas Bassi, Head of Solution Delivery at Gateley PLC

Digital transformation can be an ambiguous term, and can sometimes feel unattainable to mid-size firms - who often believe they lack the budget and resources to keep pace with their enterprise level counterparts.

So, in this live panel webinar, Jas Bassi gives us a practical view of digital transformation from a top 100 firm. While Lauren Riley explores what lessons mid-size firms can learn from this - and how they can embrace digital transformation, without the same level of enterprise applications and resources.

Specifically, the webinar explores:

  • What is digital transformation, and why is it so important today?

  • The lessons firms can learn from successful digital transformation projects

  • How law firms can be transformative, without enterprise level resources

  • Practical tips for kick-starting your transformation programmes

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About the Speakers

Lauren Riley CROP-1

Lauren Riley

Founder and CEO, The Link App

Lauren is an entrepreneur, qualified solicitor, and the proud founder of The Link App. 

After graduating with an honours degree in Law from Lancaster University in 2006, Lauren concluded her post-graduate diploma in law with distinction.

In 2004, she appeared on the BBC’s The Apprentice, which was an opportunity not only to get backing for her innovative business idea, The Link App, but also the perfect way to show that women can earn their place in the boardroom without losing their femininity.

Lauren continues to make appearances in the legal media covering topics of innovation, and how to improve client experience. 

Jas Bassi

Jas Bassi

Head of Solution Delivery, Gateley PLC

Jas Bassi has been at Gateley PLC for three years now. In 2020 he became the Head of Solution Delivery, but before that he spent three years as an IT Solutions Delivery Manager.