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Deploy virtual desktops to improve productivity, safeguard sensitive data and support new ways of working
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Productivity, any time, anywhere

At a time of modernisation in the legal and accounting sectors, more and more employees need to access critical data and applications, wherever and whenever they’re working and on every type of device.

With Oosha’s Virtual Desktop solution, users can operate on a virtual version of their normal Windows 10 desktop, via secure cloud servers that are dedicated to your specific requirements.

Oosha’s Virtual Desktop is now in its fifth generation, combining hosted applications and data, integrated with Office 365 to give you an optimised Virtual Desktop. This can be delivered by Oosha's Cloud, Azure WVD, or a combination of both as a Multi-cloud solution.

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Full Microsoft Teams Integration

The legal and accounting sectors are continuing to embrace either full or partial remote working for employees. Collaborating effectively is still one of the major challenges presented.

Oosha's Virtual Desktop enables Microsoft Teams to be used within the secure virtual session. Meaning no switching between local and virtual sessions to have a video call with colleagues or clients. Improving productivity, user experience, and security. 

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Virtual Desktop

Benefits of Virtual Desktop

State-of-the-art Virtual Desktop Interface technology
Guaranteed high desktop performance
Enhanced cyber security for every session
Superior user experience across every device
Dual location data hosting that protects against disaster
Guaranteed 100% uptime on Oosha’s cloud platform

Frequently asked questions

What is a cloud desktop?

A cloud desktop, also known as a virtual or hosted desktop, allows you to use any device to access your businesses legal or accountancy applications, data, email and software packages securely - anytime, anywhere via the Internet.

Where is my data held?

Your desktop can be based in either our UK-based, tier-4 aligned data centre, or in the public cloud, through Microsoft Azure or AWS.

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