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Our experience and knowledge in Proclaim enables you to eliminate any wasted time
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Get more from Proclaim than ever before

In the legal sector, every minute of time spent on non-billable tasks is a minute of potential profitability wasted. Over several years, Oosha has helped eliminate that wastage through expert support of the Proclaim legal software solution - offering both migration and hosting on our UK-based, tier-4 aligned UK public cloud or on Microsoft Azure.

As a recommended Proclaim provider who has cut load times for one of our clients from 90 seconds to 30, we’re the perfect partner to help you get the most out of the solution.

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Proclaim that works for modern business

With our experience and knowledge on setting up Proclaim and responding to common issues, we can ensure you get an environment that works the way you need it to. And with full integration with Microsoft tools like Teams, Office 365 and multi-factor authentication, we can help you ensure every user gets a seamless experience, every time.

Peace of mind

Vast knowledge and experience of perfecting Proclaim deployments means you can rely on us

Dedicated SSD storage

Your deployment will run on market-leading hard drives so that you always get the fastest access

Vendor independence

Vast knowledge and experience of perfecting Proclaim deployments means you can rely on us

Rapid response

Our specialist legal support team offers first-line triage services and can fix all common issues

Guaranteed 100% uptime

Vast knowledge and experience of perfecting Proclaim deployments means you can rely on us

Optimised experience

However you need proclaim to work, we can hone an environment design that fits your requirements

The unified working solution

What’s in it for you and your users?

Always-on access, anywhere

Wherever and whenever your users work, they can access the Proclaim application as long as they have an Internet connection

User-focused experiences

Every user can concentrate on their core tasks thanks to super-fast deployment that eliminates long loading times

Leading corporate tech

With business innovation that replicates personal technology, your employee will get the seamless user experience they expect

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