Managed Security solutions for legal and accountancy firms

An expert approach to security for the most sensitive systems and data.
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Secure your hybrid working experience

The digital business landscape is increasingly dangerous, and while hybrid working can give you more flexibility, it can also generate much more risk. That’s why maintaining the highest standards of cyber security is paramount, especially in highly regulated areas such as legal and accountancy where the consequences of a breach can be particularly severe. 

Oosha’s Managed Security solutions can alleviate all your anxieties around cyber security, providing the complete set of tools and practices to keep you, your systems and your data secure, regardless of device or location.

Oosha’s Managed Security combines key cyber security tools and best practices, and is trusted by highly regulated industries including legal, accountancy, finance and insurance. Our clients never face any major security incidents, helping them operate with confidence.

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A collaborative approach to security

Good cybersecurity isn’t just about technology: it’s about knowledge, too. That’s why we’ve partnered with the experts at KnowBe4 to offer a training platform that can help you understand and improve the levels of cybersecurity awareness within your organisation. 

As you and your team navigate through the Netflix-style video series and the simulated phishing attacks, we’ll give you access to enterprise-strength reporting on their progress.

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Benefits of Oosha's Managed Security

Security at the edge of your network
Management of web traffic
Security for emails across all devices
Security Information & Event Management (SIEM)
Cyber awareness training
Essential security certifications
Wi-Fi security
Managed antivirus

Frequently asked questions

What is managed security?

With Managed Security we'll proactively monitor your systems and fix any unwelcome
surprises before they impact your legal or accountancy firm.

Why is security so important for legal and accounting firms?

Legal and accounting firms deal with vast amounts of highly sensitive data, which makes them a prime target for cyber criminals. At the same time, the repercussions for data breaches are high, with strict regulation in both industries. This means legal and accounting firms are firms are facing a perfect storm of consistent threat and severe risk - necessitating a strong approach to cyber security.

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