Managed Desktop and Device Solutions

Securing devices and enabling an efficient move to web-based legal and accounting applications.
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Adopt web-based applications with confidence

A Managed Desktop and Device Solution takes care of everything outside of the application. Drawing on Microsoft Mobility Services, to control how all data is controlled and managed, ensuring all applications and data are backed up, secure, and encrypted. It also helps with the management and support of local devices, multi-factor authentication, network connectivity, and other important considerations that are often overlooked.

Managed Desktop and Device solutions facilitate the move to any web-based, or Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) case management and practice management systems. Security risks and additional costs can easily occur if web-based apps aren't properly supported.

Oosha’s Managed Desktop and Device Solutions give you a secure, fully-managed device, so you can continue to operate safely with full access to all your important apps, anywhere, any time.

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Swap a laptop as easily as a smartphone

We use Microsoft Autopilot technology to make the replacement of old or broken laptops simple and stress-free. New devices are shipped direct from the hardware vendor to the user without any IT team intervention.

Our team then links the serial number of the new laptop to the user, so that when they log on for the first time, all their relevant apps, shortcuts, data, folders and network shares are downloaded automatically. This smooth, fast process minimises the business disruption of broken hardware and removes the IT burden of provisioning replacements.

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managed desktop and device

Benefits of our Managed Desktop And Device Solutions

Fills gaps when Virtual Desktop is removed
Increased access security for devices
Group 4-1
Controlled data storage on every device
Enables Office 365 to be used on every device
Fast replacement of faulty devices
Fast application deployment on every device

Frequently asked questions

What is Managed Desktop and Device?

Oosha's Managed Desktop and Device Solutions enable an efficient and secure move to web-based applications.

Web-based applications do not replace the need for a centralised IT function. With a Managed Desktop and Device Solution we take care of everything outside of the application, including device management, data storage and control, device security, connectivity, and everything in between.

Why is Managed Desktop and Device needed?

Deploying a web-based legal or accounting application does not remove the need for a centralised IT function. Without providing the wrap-around support included in Oosha's Managed Desktop and Device Solution you could find security vulnerabilities or unexpected costs occur.

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