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All the tools, apps, data and devices your teams need. All in one place.
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Improve your hybrid working experience

Most law firms want hybrid working to be the norm, but few have fully optimised their approach. It means the experience for lawyers and support staff is often disjointed and frustrating. 

Even simple tasks such as taking calls, sharing files with colleagues, accessing practice management systems and streaming video through collaboration tools such as Microsoft Teams, is cumbersome. And in some cases, impossible.

With Oosha’s Digital Workplace, you get a single desktop experience, designed specifically for law firms. It means you’ll have everything you need to do your job - from the most basic office tools, to the specific legal applications you use each day - all in one place.

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Securely connect people, apps, data & devices

Whether attending court, in the office, or working through sensitive documentation at home, your teams can rely on secure access to all their resources. They can switch seamlessly between video calls on Microsoft Teams to their other legal applications and tools.
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Bring it all together

Our Digital Workplace solutions are tailored to the specific needs of your firm. We bring together a range of technologies to support your desired way of working. We’ll devise the best solution taking into account your current cloud and on-premise applications and future remote and office connectivity needs - balancing the right level of security with ease of use.

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The unified working solution

Benefits of a Digital Workplace

Enable hybrid working any time, anywhere
Make back-office teams and fee earners more productive
Improved collaboration
Increase video conferencing bandwidth
Be protected by end-to-end security
Minimise on-premise infrastructure needs
Cut your total cost of ownership
Get cost clarity with a subscription-based pricing model
See what they have to say

“Everything we need is in our digital workplace. Our users can connect securely to a virtual desktop from multiple devices, which provides reliable access to Microsoft Teams and other legal applications. This enables our team to work seamlessly between the office, from home or on the move.”

Andrew Neal, PartnerGodwins Solicitors

Frequently asked questions

What is a digital workplace?

A Digital Workplace is an integrated, centralised technology solution that brings everything an employee needs to do their job into one place. All data, applications and collaboration tools are accessed securely through one interface - accessible at any time, via any device. Gone are the days of one-size-fits-all solutions. Each workplace is configured to a firm’s unique working practices, catering for individual job roles to achieve whatever employee experience they desire.

What is hybrid working?

Hybrid working is a mix of in-office, at home and on the move work. 77% of law firms want to retain remote working as much as possible; 22% of employees would leave a firm if they couldn’t work remotely and only 15% of staff are likely to work from offices permanently in the future (Harvey Nash and Thomson Reuters).

What is the difference between a digital workspace and digital workplace?

Many people use the terms Digital Workplace and Digital Workspace interchangeably, but there are key differences which are important to understand as we move into the era of  hybrid working.               

Definitions tend to vary wildly. But as the name suggests, workplaces are more commonly associated with the physical locations in which employees work. Workspaces on the other hand, are not defined by a physical location. And are more commonly associated with a virtual environment in which work is done.

It’s a subtle difference, but one which signals a departure from thinking of work as a location - and it's a mindset that will need to be fostered and encouraged to establish a hybrid working model that is fit for the future of legal work.

What are the benefits of a digital workplace?

Digital Workplaces make hybrid working easier, more flexible and more productive for employees throughout a workforce. But the advantages don’t stop there:

Better employee experiences.

Stronger security

Reliable service delivery

More efficient IT spend

Improved productivity and collaboration

Higher talent retention and acquisition 

Useful resources

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