Select Legal cloud journey: On-premises to cloud to web-based

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Oosha and Select Legal were acquired by Access Legal in June 2020, this has opened new opportunities for Select Legal users to enjoy an enhanced user experience and enabled them to work from anywhere, at anytime. Find out how in this webinar. 

Working closely with the Select Legal technical team as well as clients, a pathway for Select Legal users to plot their journey in the cloud has been created. 

It’s not one size fits all, and there is a recognition that firms are all at different stages of their journey, some still operating on premises, some already in a hosted environment and others planning ahead to a web-based future. This session covered:

  • Why a cloud journey is important to law firms
  • What does the typical experience of Select Legal in a cloud environment look like
  • What steps can Select Legal clients take to move forward positively

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Matt Newton

Commercial Director, Access Legal

Matt is one of the co-founders of Oosha, a lead player in the provision of IT Managed Services, Cloud and Communication solutions to legal firms of every size.

With over 20 years helping clients use technology to enable their business and elevate their client experience, with particular focus on from optimised Digital Workplaces to Digital Service Delivery.

Matt's passionate lays in Digital Transformation & Service Design, drawing on his Business Strategy, Marketing and ITIL intermediate qualification know-how.

Chris Morris

Head of Technical Pre-Sales, Access Legal

Chris is a technically advanced and entrepreneurial-minded professional with extensive experience driving the design, expansion, automation, and standardisation of large-scale IT operations and infrastructure for enterprise-wide systems.

With extensive experience in helping law firms design and implement market-leading IT solutions to drive profitability and growth, he is perfectly positioned to help SME law firms with their cloud journey. 

Chris also enjoys helping law firms get the most from their existing technology and regularly shares best practices on maximising their ROI on any investments, particularly within Microsoft 365.

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