The place for artificial intelligence & machine learning in law firms

Recorded on: January 30, 2020 – 12:00 PM

How recent developments can inform the use of these technologies and predict further innovation growth. 

Artificial intelligence is already impacting the legal sector. From Practice Management Automation to Document Assembly, there is a host of AI tech currently making itself known in the lawyer's everyday life. On the most part, these technologies enable the lawyer to complete higher-level tasks, by processing the repetitive and time-consuming work.

Take Legal Research as an example. Previously, law firms had to sift through thousands of documents in the discovery phase of a lawsuit. But now, thanks to AI, it takes a fraction of the time to review huge numbers of documents, levelling the playing field for smaller law firms.

In this webinar, artificial intelligence expert, Harry Strange, explores the what, the why, and the how of AI and machine learning. We answer:

  • What do we mean when we say AI and machine learning?

  • Why is there currently so much interest in this field?

  • How are companies responding to this new technology?

In answering these questions, we uncover the key principles which underpin this technology and help identify some of the key innovations within this field. With a particular focus on intellectual property and the patent landscape, we will examine the ways in which companies are protecting their AI and machine learning inventions and what this tells us about the growth in innovation related to this technology.

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About the Speakers

Harry Strange Circle-1

Dr Harry Strange

Patent attorney in the Electronics, Physics & Computing group, Withers & Rogers LLP.

In 2017, after spending nearly ten years working in academia with AI, Harry decided to switch career and train as a patent attorney.

Since then, he has gained experience drafting and prosecuting UK and European patent applications covering a range of technologies, with a particular interest in the areas of artificial intelligence & machine learning, cyber security, and distributed ledger technology.

In 2016, and again in 2017, Harry was awarded the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional award for his contributions to Microsoft’s data platform work.


Matthew Newton

Joint Managing Director, Oosha

With over 20 years’ experience in the internet connectivity, cloud and managed service arena, Matt has gained Matt a wealth of knowledge. As a proven guru in everything Tech, Matt regularly spreads his wisdom at technology events across the country.

Matt’s aim for Oosha is simple – to make IT simple for customers. Allowing them to focus on running their business, without being let down by, or worrying about technology. Expertise in the professional sector in particular has helped Matt provide many effective IT solutions, created specifically for those in the legal and accounting sectors.