Optimising the legal digital workplace

Recorded on: May 5, 2020 - 12:00 PM

The remote working experience in many law firms has been cumbersome and fragmented. Even simple tasks such as accessing core systems, sharing files, and streaming video through apps such as Teams, has been difficult.

Your firm needs to get this right. Ineffective remote working experiences mean fewer billable hours, frustrated staff, and increased security risk.

In this webinar, we'll be joined by Julian Hamblin, IT Partner at Trethowans, Tom Hall, Chief Operating Officer at Brachers, and Sheila Gormley, from legal tech company, Reptstor to explore:

  • What is a true user friendly digital workplace?

  • The impact of ineffective remote working experiences

  • How leading law firms are enabling better remote working

  • How you can optimise your legal digital workplace

  • How integrating Office 365 improves productivity and collaboration

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About the Speakers

Julian Hamblin

IT Partner at Trethowans

Julian is a Partner and Head of Technology law at Trethowans LLP. He is a knowledgeable technology lawyer with particular experience of working on projects with well-known businesses in the retail and financial services sectors. He is an officer of the Technology Law Committee of the International Bar Association.

Tom Hall

Chief Operating Officer at Brachers

Thomas works alongside the Managing Partner and board to achieve the firm’s strategic initiatives to help drive growth and change. Thomas was appointed as Chief Operating Officer in July 2019. He has an international background in both the finance and legal sectors and has a keen interest in Finance, Technology and Innovation.

Sheila Gormley

Executive VP Legal Solutions, Repstor

Sheila is Repstor’s legal and professional services expert, with deep knowledge of the way these sectors need to manage content to be more productive, efficient, and compliant. She has championed the take-up of Repstor Custodian for Legal by law firms and Corporate Legal teams seeking tighter control of matter lifecycle management, harnessing the Microsoft 365 suite to deliver legal use cases.

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