EBOOK: The need for Cloud specialisation in the legal sector

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Today, the legal sector is riding a technology wave. More than ever, law firms are using a wide variety of cloud and on-premise software and seeking productivity improvements through an increasing range of automation, intelligence and mobile solutions.

However, when law firms look to embrace technology further, many don't look to sector specialists - who understand their unique requirements and have the appropriate experience. And, at a time when technology will be more critical than ever, choosing the right technology partner is more important than ever.

The eBook specifically explores:

  • The promise of the cloud and what it offers your business
  • Exploration of the vendor independent cloud strategy
  • Dive into the importance of specialist support
  • Evaluating your cloud solution

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About the Speakers

Jeremy Hyman

Owner, Jeremy Hyman Associates

Jeremy has worked for 25 years in the professional services sector. With a degree in law, and spells variously as IT manager, partner, software developer and management consultant, Jeremy has acquired a host of technical, practical and commercial skills.

Jeremy began his career with a Top-50 firm of accountants in London.  He went on to establish and operate an IT services business before returning to his consulting roots and founding Jeremy Hyman Associates in 2017.

Jeremy combines a thorough understanding of professional firms, a sound grasp of technical disciplines, and a pragmatic and effective approach to provide IT leadership and guidance to more than ten of the larger UK firms of accountants.

Helen Daly

Senior Associate, Jeremy Hyman Associates

Helen has spent her entire career helping firms make the best possible decisions about resources, processes and technology. She combines a multidisciplinary skill set with an affinity for people that delivers achievable, lasting improvements for clients.

Helen’s expertise is in optimising, streamlining and standardising systems to boost efficiency and profit. Her background in technology and consulting helps clients understand the challenges they face and quickly arrive at effective, practical solutions.

Helen is passionate about guiding firms in their technology choices in practical ways that users can embrace and that help them maximise their potential.

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