EBOOK: The disruption of the accountancy profession

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The accountancy profession is being disrupted by technology - no accountant would deny it.

And, many would tell you that cloud accounting packages, such as Xero or Quickbooks, are the primary cause. Simply, this is because many of the routine tasks carried out by accountants can be automated - eliminating the need for traditional bookkeeping services. In response, the role of the accountant will need to shift - from number-cruncher to business advisor and financial planner.

However, this “all-cloud” approach is unlikely to be the reality for many - with most firms operating a mix of on-premise and cloud applications. In this eBook we’ll look at how you can use hosted-desktop technology to take a phased approach, reaping the productivity benefits of the cloud, while still using the legacy software you’re used to.

The eBook specifically explores:

  • The cloud technologies disrupting accountancy
  • How accountants can take a phased approach to the cloud
  • Security and disaster recovery considerations
  • The changing role of the accountant

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