EBOOK: Kick-starting legal innovation

How law firms can adapt to a changing legal market

With competition growing, client expectations rising and legal services becoming increasingly commoditised, it’s harder than ever for firms to survive, stand out and get ahead.

By harnessing innovation and technology, the most forward-thinking organisations can capitalise not just on back-office efficiencies and new ways of working, but also on the new legal fields and specialisms being founded on digital technology.

People are at the heart of innovation every bit as much as technology. Yet as technology strides forward, not everybody is ready and willing to move forward with it. For traditional law firms, the changing face of the legal market represents a real threat.

This comprehensive 16 page guide explores what legal innovation is (and is not), how technology can facilitate the changes needed and overcoming uncertainty from those unwilling to change.

The eBook specifically explores:

  • What is legal innovation - and what is it not?
  • The technologies driving legal innovation
  • Barriers to change law firms may face
  • Where to begin on the innovation journey

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