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Managed IT Services

The complete IT service with user-centric support and advanced security to keep you running safely at all times.


Fully managed IT service:

The huge increase in IT management complexity, as a result of challenges created by cyber crime, data protection compliance, mobility and an increasing hybrid landscape, means that a greater amount of engineering time and a more comprehensive set of tools are needed. With our fully managed service, we take away the headache of ensuring your IT runs smoothly and securely, so you can focus on more strategic activities.


Service desk outsourcing:

As the end users in your business increasingly take advantage of the availability and diversity of software applications and devices, the expectations for 24/7, responsive technical support - delivered cost effectively - have surged. We’ll ensure your business operates with minimal downtime through a single point of contact, which is accountable for fast resolution of all incidents and service requests. 


Security management:

The vast majority of businesses now acknowledge the threat from a cyber attack or data breach as very real and are taking steps to minimise their risks. We provide the tightest levels of security through an end-to-end, multi-layered approach that ensures all your potential vulnerabilities are covered, including software and malware updates, password management, encryption, network penetration testing and cyber awareness.


Business continuity planning:

For many businesses, being without IT systems, applications and email, just for a few hours can be catastrophic. In this case, it is essential you invest in a business continuity solution to cope with problems in advance so that, even in exceptional circumstances, your organisation and employees can remain operational and you minimise the time it takes to get you fully up and running again.

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Professional services:

It’s not the management of IT complexity that is today’s real challenge. Instead, it’s the simplification of your IT landscape that will keep your business agile, secure and fully operational. Our professional services team and virtual IT officers have extensive IT and industry expertise. You can count on their experience to ensure your technology enables your business to go in the right direction through better integration, standardisation and proactive optimisation.

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