The Legal Hybrid Working Report 2021

70% of lawyers want to retain hybrid-working long term, but over 60% say their current technology hinders their productivity when working in this way.
This is just one finding from our recent Legal Hybrid Working survey, which demonstrates the gap between employee's current experiences, and the need for them to be effective and efficient when working in a hybrid fashion.
In this report, we've listened to over 200 UK law firms to find out how the pivot to remote working has affected their technology experience, how they'd like to work in the future, and what could be done to improve productivity. Specifically, we have discovered:
  • The top 3 tech issues lawyers are facing when working outside of the office
  • The increasing cyber threat introduced by hybrid working
  • Why hybrid collaboration is so important, and how tech can help
  • What Partners and legal IT teams can do to enable effective hybrid working

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