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What is a digital workspace?

In this guide, we’ll explore what a Digital Workspace is, how it operates and how it can benefit legal firms as they transition to hybrid working.

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The digital revolution of the legal market

In this guide, you'll hear from more than 30 of the UK's leading legal tech experts on how to drive change in your firm.

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The evolution of the legal IT department

This eBook tackles the question of how IT leaders can transition from technicians, into technologists.

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Kick-starting legal innovation

An eBook exploring how law firms can adapt to a changing legal market

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Public, Private or Hybrid cloud

What are the pros, cons and applicability of public, private and hybrid cloud?

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Modernising Your Accountancy Firm Through the Cloud

Our guide will explore how evolving into a more digitally-savvy firm will impact your business, and highlighting the pitfalls to be wary of.

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The legal cloud and IT security toolkit

This comprehensive 12 page guide covers all the key factors Law firms should consider before moving to, or when deploying a Cloud-based model.

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The need for Cloud specialisation in the legal sector

What is the importance of Cloud specialists who understand your unique requirements and have the appropriate experience?

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GDPR: Practical information security measures for law firms

This guide outlines how you can control of your data and establish an IT framework that protects you from non-compliance.

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Why the Cloud is the first step to enabling the modern law firm

Why, for most established firms, is the cloud is the starting point to begin modernising practices?

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The disruption of the accountancy profession

In this eBook we’ll look at how you can use hosted-desktop technology to take a phased approach, reaping the productivity benefits of the cloud.

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