Guest webinar: How law firms are preparing for the return to work

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70% of lawyers want to retain hybrid-working long term, but over 60% say their current technology hinders their productivity when working in this way.
This is just one finding from our recent Legal Hybrid Working survey. Which, as many law firm's begin to plan their return to work strategies, shines a light on the need for more effective hybrid-working technology to be deployed within the legal sector.

In this webinar, we were joined by Joanna Kingston-Davies, Group COO at The MAPD Group and legal IT strategist, Derek Southall to take an exclusive look at the full findings. Specifically, we covered:

  • An in-depth analysis of the findings from our 2021 Legal Hybrid Working survey
  • Why many law firms are considering a hybrid return to work
  • How you can use the findings to guide your return to work strategy

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About the Speakers

Derek Southall

Founder and CEO at Hyperscale

Founder and CEO of Hyperscale Group Limited, Derek Southall has spent nearly 25 years in a range of leading strategic roles for a top 50 global law firm, for most of this time as a Partner and Head of Strategic Development and subsequently as Head of Digital and Innovation.

Four years ago, Derek set up Hyperscale Group, an advisory business helping clients develop strategies for and overcome challenges with technology, digital, knowledge management and innovation. Hyperscale Group works for a range of large global businesses, legal and compliance departments, professional services firms, venture capitalists, litigation funders and start ups in a range of jurisdictions around the globe.

Joanna Kingston-Davies

Group COO at The MAPD Group

Following over 20 years in leadership and management roles within the legal sector in both France and the UK, Joanna set up the MAPD Group with Brian Cullen in early 2020.

MAPD completed their first acquisition - the Jackson Lees Group - in March and are now looking to help other law firms to grow by removing challenges and helping to find solutions aligned to the MAPD ethos.

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