Guest webinar: Leadership during the Pandemic

Recorded on: April 30, 2020 - 12:00 PM

The foundational truths of leadership have not changed, but our circumstances are now radically different.

During this webinar, we review the trajectory of the pandemic and enable you to think about how you are showing up as a leader - and what the needs of your colleagues may be, now and in the near future.

We were joined by leadership consultants, Nicola Jones and Clay Lowe who specialise in the legal sector. The session focuses on what people need from their leaders in order to feel safe, positive and motivated during the pandemic. We also consider the resources, approaches and actions, which may serve you well as a leader within a law firm - in whatever role.

The session includes:

  • Sense-check - where are we now?

  • What does leadership behaviour look like ordinarily and what’s changed?

  • How do you show up as a leader?

  • What actions need to be taken at this time?

  • What behaviours help or hinder?

  • Looking ahead

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About the Speakers

Nicola Jones

Director, Athena Professional

Nicola owns and runs Athena Professional, a multiple award-winning learning & development consultancy. A former barrister, she has 20 years’ experience designing and delivering continuous learning for senior lawyers, scientists and technical specialists in the UK and abroad.

A graduate of Balliol College, Oxford and the University of Sussex, she is a Fellow of the Learning & Performance Institute and a member of the Association of Business Psychology. She is also an executive coach, facilitator and speaker.

Clay Lowe

Learning and development coach

Clay is a respected high performance coach specialising in leadership and team development. His 22 years of leadership and people development has led to increased employee performance, motivation, and engagement. He is a skilled trainer and facilitator of change at the tactical and operational level.

He has had the privilege of leading staff in a variety of challenging environments to include military, manufacturing, and financial services.

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