GDPR: Managing mobility in the legal sector

The ability to access, edit and share contracts & legal briefs, as well as respond to clients from anywhere at any time is key for law firms. Mobility has become a key part of your operations - yet security of data is always paramount.

Lost, stolen or hacked mobile devices that aren’t properly secured may not only lead to confidential data getting into the wrong hands - from May 2018 this could expose your firm to a breach of GDPR regulations too. With fines of upto 4% of revenue or €20m, non-compliance is a huge risk, but it can be mitigated.

Securing your mobile devices to meet the compliance requirements laid down by GDPR is a complex challenge. Join this guest webinar with mobile security expert, Jeremy Allen, from Miradore to learn how you can tackle mobility data compliance head-on. 

In this webinar you will learn:
  • Where law firms are most vulnerable to a mobile data breach

  • 8 key steps law firms can take to keep mobile data safe

  • How mobile device management (MDM) helps with GDPR

  • Where to get started with MDM


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