How law firms can manage the risks of COVID-19

Recorded on: April 16, 2020 - 13:00 PM

Following our last session on enabling remote working, this guest webinar focuses on how to deal with the new risks law firms are facing as a result of COVID-19.

Many firms have or are still implementing major changes to the way they operate. This means processes that were previously secure and compliant may not be being followed - while new ways of working will have been implemented quickly with no real risk impact assessment.

In our latest webinar, author and compliance consultant for the legal sector, Amy Bell outlines today’s key risks, as well as the pragmatic steps you can take to mitigate them.

The session includes:

  • The risks introduced by most of the office working remotely

  • How to follow your firm’s policies in relation to supervision and file reviews

  • How to engage clients to collect their client ID’s

  • Minimising the increased risk of mistakes being made

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About the Speakers

Amy Bell

Compliance Consultant, Amy Bell Compliance

Amy is the Founder of Teal Compliance and Teal Legal as well as the Author of Solicitors and Money Laundering and Compliance That Works (Due to be published in Spring 2020).

Amy is a Compliance Consultant with a passion for helping firms adapt to the changing legal landscape. She has many years experience in working with law firms, in order to help everyone in the firm to understand compliance and how to apply risk management principles to improve client service and deliver efficiencies.

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