[Webinar] GDPR: Educating employees on the risks of non-compliance

When it comes to the GDPR, employees are potentially a law firm’s greatest liability. Experts believe that employees are rated as far more of a risk than IT systems. 

Most firms don’t control who is able to access sensitive information tightly enough. And many employees are able to store data in public clouds, take data out of the office and share it across unsecured devices and networks. 

Educating employees about new procedures for managing data will help, but arguably the biggest challenge is fighting the threat of cyber attacks. Hackers typically see people as the easiest target, so employees need to know how to minimise the risks.

Join Oosha and cyber-security expert Melvyn White, as we explore some of the key threats, along with steps you can take to make your employees more data savvy.

 The webinar will cover:
  • How to avoid phishing, ransomware, and social engineering scams

  • Why the need for employee awareness is greater than ever

  • How to implement effective education programmes

  • The keys risks to GDPR compliance

  • How technology can aid your compliance

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