Guest webinar: Closing hybrid-working security gaps using Microsoft 365

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The adoption of Microsoft 365 tools - including collaboration apps such as Teams - has soared in recent months. For many law firms, Microsoft 365 played a vital role in supporting their remote working plans, and will likely be a critical component of many firm’s hybrid-working strategies too. 
But while Microsoft 365 helped law firms to adapt to hybrid working quickly, securing it is essential to maintaining the high standards of confidentiality, data protection, and integrity required in the legal sector - especially considering the volatile and aggressive threat landscape we’re currently facing.  
In this webinar, Nigel Stott, Consultant at Baskerville Drummond, and Sarah Callan, IT Operations Manager at Hudgell Solicitors explored how you can use Microsoft 365 to secure the hybrid working experience.


Specifically, we covered:

  • How you can spot threats before they impact your firm
  • How you can protect your corporate devices, inside and outside the office
  • Protecting sensitive and valuable information stored in the cloud

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About the Speakers

Nigel Stott

Consultant at Baskerville Drummond

Nigel entered the world of legal tech in 2001 when he joined Clarion Solicitors in Leeds. Nigel was responsible for the strategic direction of IT and it was here his team became finalists in the Best Technology Project and most Innovative IT Team categories in The Lawyer Magazine awards.

He left his role as IT Director at Clarion in 2015 and went on to become Head of IT at Lupton Fawcett before joining Peppermint Technology.

More recently, Nigel has worked as Head of IT for Hudgell Solicitors where he has used his detailed knowledge of Microsoft 365 to deliver applications that streamline business operations and save on costs. 

Sarah Callan

IT Operations Manager at Hudgell Solicitors

Sarah started her legal tech career in 2007 when she joined Rapid Solicitors in Hull, working closely with their practice management software and various Microsoft products.

She joined Hudgell Solicitors in 2014, then worked at Pepperells solicitors in 2019 for a short time, before returning to Hudgells in March 2020. 

Sarah has recently implemented firm-wide projects including MFA for Office 365, and End Point Manager to secure local devices.


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